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BUET in ACM Programming Contests

The CSE department of BUET has participated in 8 consecutive ACM International Collegiate Progaramming Contests between 1998 and 2005. Very few universities across the world have comparable participation record. The best result came in 2000, when the BUET team achieved the 11th position in the final standings, beating the big names like MIT, Stanford and other US universities. BUET has also been regional champions or runner-up in South Asia in the 8 years of its participation.

BUET also hosted regional contests for the Dhaka site several times.

CSE BUET graduates have also achieved success in the organizational area of ACM ICPC. Shahriar Manzoor of CSE Batch 94 has the honor of being selected an ACM ICPC World Finals judge for four consecutive years (2003-2006). Shahriar Manzoor and another graduate of CSE Batch 97 Md. Kamruzzaman are members of the Elite Problem setters’ Panel of Valladolid Online Judge. This site received an award from ACM for its contribution in the training and popularization of programming contest around the world.

Finally, Prof. M. Kaykobad led the BUET team as its coach to the world finals 7 times in a row, an achievement surpassed by few coaches. He was awarded the Best Coach award in 2002 ACM ICPC World finals in Honolulu.

Performance of CSE BUET teams in ACM ICPC World Finals

World Finals #
Team Name
Contestant #1
Contestant #2
Contestant #3
22nd 28.02.1998 Atlanta, Georgia Bengal Tigers Suman Kumar Nath Rezaul Alam Chowdhury Tarique Mesbaul Islam 24
23rd 12.04.1999 Eindhoven, the Netherlands The Baloon Counters Rezaul Alam Chowdhury Mojahedul Hoque Abul Hasnat Mohammad Mehedy Masud Honorable Mention
24th 18.03.2000 Orlando, Florida BUET Backtrackers Mustaq Ahmed Munirul Abedin Rubaiyat Ferdous Jewel 11
25th 10.03.2001 Vancouver, Canada BUET Loopers Mustaq Ahmed Munirul Abedin Abdullah Al Mahmood 29
26th 23.03.2002 Honolulu, Hawaii BUET Ackermanns Abdullah Al Mahmood Md. Kamruzzaman Mushfiqur Rouf Nasa Honorable Mention
27th 25.03.2003 Beverly Hills, California BUET Loopers Asif-ul Haque Mohammad Saifur Rahman Mehedi Bakht Honorable Mention
28th 31.03.2004 Prague, Czech Republic BUET Phoenix Asif-ul Haque Mohammad Saifur Rahman Mehedi Bakht 27
29th 06.04.2005 Shanghai, China BUET Explorer Mushfiqur Rouf Nasa Abdullah Al Mahmud Manzurur Rahman Khan 29



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